Easy method for quesadillas

A keeper. And relatively quick!

I chopped a head of broccoli into small florets and steamed them with salt, Italian seasoning, and dried garlic. Then I made up the quesadillas as per the recipe.

Everyone seemed to like it, which is why I’m posting it here. Next time I’m going to try refried beans, and hope that I don’t give us food poisoning again.

(My, those were a fun couple of days.)

I don’t subscribe to any particular ‘style’ of parenting

I straddle two cultures while raising my children — the culture of the country of my birth, and the culture of the country where we live. Hence, these two articles about milestones and household chores as bonding are interesting to me.

I’ve also recently met a mother who is ‘unschooling’ her two children. I totally get her reasoning behind her family’s decision, even though it’s not for me. There is no way I am not packing Monkey and Mungbean off to school once they are old enough (Monkey starts in September and we all cannot wait), and I try to focus on nurturing creativity, resilience, and empathy as much as I can at home.

(Because phonics, what?)

Mosaic sticker pictures

Monkey chose to do a ‘special sticker activity’ over a walk to the supermarket and discount store.

Mungbean played with crayons.

Discount store mosaic sticker pictures FTW. #summer #holidays #finemotorskills #glitter

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(I purchased said ‘special sticker activity’ at the discount store.)

Great fine motor activity, but I’m not so sure about the glitter! Monkey, however, is proudly demonstrating that she knows what symmetry means by applying tiles in a set pattern on the butterfly. And is defiantly refusing to sticker by number.