Monthly Archives: April 2014

Cook: asparagus, potato, halloumi, and fish bake

One major problem when it comes to food and eating in our home is that The Husband and I rarely agree on what we like to eat. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s asparagus, halloumi, and new potato dish is one exception, and with The Child now eating a decent amount (at times), I needed something to bulk it […]

Neither here nor there on the sleep thing, and progress!

There are two articles here that oppose each other with regard to sleep-training: Dangers of “Crying It Out”: Damaging children and their relationships for the longterm. Cry, Baby, Cry: A journal jumps on the Dr. Sears bandwagon to say sleep training is dangerous. Science says otherwise. Lots of things I’ve read say once a toddler […]

Hypothesis: I don’t need to buy The Child expensive toys

Pre-experiment observations: The Child is as happy playing with dead leaves as she is expensive toys and games. I make regular pilgrimages to a local charity shop branch specialising in kids’ toys to try and keep her entertained. I’ve also observed her taking time to re-arrange furniture in doll’s houses when we’ve been to groups […]

Cook: warm chicken and bacon salad

You need the bacon There’s no real cheat to this — it’s so easy and relatively quick. I started making it because I pre-cooked a whole bag of barley and really needed to use it up. You’ll need: 1 chicken breast 1 small serving of pancetta or bacon lardons 2 cups cooked pearl barley 1 […]

Breastfeeding from newborn to toddler

Given that I had no ‘breastfeeding goal’ other than just to try to get my newborn to latch on, I’m quite surprised that I’ve managed to last this long — The Child will be two years old soon, and shows no sign of giving up the boob. If you’re thinking of breastfeeding but am feeling […]