Hypothesis: I don’t need to buy The Child expensive toys

Pre-experiment observations:
The Child is as happy playing with dead leaves as she is expensive toys and games. I make regular pilgrimages to a local charity shop branch specialising in kids’ toys to try and keep her entertained. I’ve also observed her taking time to re-arrange furniture in doll’s houses when we’ve been to groups that feature these houses. I remember a particularly strong allergic reaction I had when we were painting my cousin’s doll house, and given that doll houses aren’t exactly cheap, I thought I’d put in a bit of effort on a home-made version. Using cardboard boxes.

We have loads of leftover cardboard boxes from various purchases and house moves. Neil has a good box cutter. I have PVA craft glue.

doll flat

It diverts The Child for a few minutes. As every parent knows, a few minutes can be precious.

Further experimentation required:
I think I need to make more furniture (instructions for the sofa on my personal site). And other bits to make the house larger and more interesting. I’m thinking, roof terrace? Kitchen with all mod cons (i.e. cut-outs from a catalogue of a kitchen with all mod cons)?

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