Neither here nor there on the sleep thing, and progress!

There are two articles here that oppose each other with regard to sleep-training:

Lots of things I’ve read say once a toddler hits 18 months, sleep training for the first time is really, really hard. The Child is starting to wake up less and occasionally sleep for longer periods, plus she fell back asleep on her own on one occasion (I was out of the room getting her the bottle of water that she asked for).

baby nap
Whenever I feel sleep-deprived, I remember that I used to feel a lot worse

The moral of the story? They do gradually learn to fall asleep on their own. It clearly takes time but they get there. If you can cope, I reckon it’s easier to let them develop the ability on their own time rather than train and then having to re-train. Well, at least I hope this is the start of more sleep for me. As long as I stop staying up till 2am using the ‘POOTER’ (her word for it).

On the other hand, she stayed up till 11.30 this evening — nothing could entice her to relax and boob to sleep, all she did was boob and chatter, then climb out of her bed in her sleeping bag and totter to the living room. I thought those bags were meant to stop that sort of thing. She might be a little closer genetically to our ape cousins. If I discover opposable big toes I’ll let you know.

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