Monthly Archives: May 2014

Cook: [insert protein name here] stew

You’ll need: Protein of some description At least 2 potatoes, diced At least 1 large carrot, chopped At least 2 sticks of celery, roughly chopped 1-2 onions, roughly chopped 1-2 cloves of garlic, smashed ½ cup rinsed lentils, optional Salt and pepper, to taste Various dried herbs and spices, to taste Vegetable stock 1 tbsp […]

Politeness, or precursor to a huge request

I gave The Child some chocolate cake. The Child: Thank you Mummy. (This was enunciated very clearly.) Me: *melt* I handed The Child a crayon she’d dropped. The Child: Thank you Mummy. After which, I heard her murmuring ‘Thank you, thank you’ for ages. She’s clearly up to something.

Wherever The Child lays her head

After almost two years of parenting The Child who I would describe as ‘spirited’, I’ve gone from napping her at home most days to her having a good old sleep in the stroller during the day. When she naps, it can be for hours, so we were missing lots of activities and meetups in the […]

Stop labelling how you parent

There’s this whole attachment parenting thing, then there’s the Ferber / cry it out / mainstream parenting thing — and it appears, from what I’ve read, that most of it centres around sleep. Or the lack of it. This was when The Child was going through the You can’t put me down and I must […]

Rubbing food into my face

Years, years I’ve spent trying to stop my face from being SUPER-COMBINATION EVERYTHING MAKES IT EITHER TOO DRY OR OVER-OILY. I’m not a big make-up user, I am genetically-predisposed to milia, and I don’t have a lot of time or the inclination to spend money on face washes, toners, and moisturisers. For years, I used […]