Monthly Archives: June 2014

The whimper in the night

We’re just starting week two of night weaning The Child (previous post), and I’m pleased to report that so far, I have not been needed past nursing her to sleep. Even The Husband has not been needed the past couple of nights — he’s gone over to check on her when she’s whimpered or cried […]

Super-lazy parenting tip #1

You know what’s a great fine motor activity? Clip your child’s nails while they are sitting and watching way too many Yo Gabba Gabba clips on YouTube. Leave the clippings on the floor overnight because you forgot to clean them up. The next morning, your child will sit back down on the floor, notice the […]

Mummy coming now!

Ice cream is not really relevant, but The Child does love sitting with The Husband and taxing sharing his desserts We have made it past night three of night weaning. I never thought we’d be able to do it, The Child is really possessive of her unrestricted access to boob. The first night was bad. […]

Make: a robot

It helps if your kid likes robots Be a little lazy about throwing away / recycling your empty loo / kitchen roll tubes, and you have the basis for a quick afternoon activity to entertain a toddler. I suggested making a robot to The Child, then had to improvise the materials. Yes, I thought this […]