The whimper in the night


We’re just starting week two of night weaning The Child (previous post), and I’m pleased to report that so far, I have not been needed past nursing her to sleep. Even The Husband has not been needed the past couple of nights — he’s gone over to check on her when she’s whimpered or cried out for a feed, but she’s either been talking in her sleep, or just rolled over and dozed off again.

YES. We have had the first nights of the Holy Grail of parenting — sleeping through the night. Or at least, not waking enough to require a cuddle through the night.

All we need to do is train ourselves — as parents — to go to bed earlier! I’m still a little tired, and The Husband is, too. After The Child has gone to bed (usually nine- or ten-ish), we stay up for at least another couple of hours. She wakes up around six or a little later, and that’s my cue to give her the morning feed.

(No, she doesn’t sleep a whole lot at night. Which explains her need to nap at half-past ten this morning.)

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