Hypothesis: The Child is a budding plastic surgeon

face game sample
I may have gone a bit overboard in providing choices for facial reconstruction

Pre-experiment observations:
None. I was tempted to buy The Child a Mr. Potato Head from our local charity shop but never got round to it (I was told later it was incomplete by someone in the know). But she does like poking my various facial features while identifying them by name. And I will do anything to pre-empt any angry screaming while on a long-haul flight. You should have seen my stuffed-full cabin bag last time we went on a flight. I brought nothing, it was all snacks and toys for The Child.

I went online and sought out some blank faces, eyes, ears, noses, mouths, hair, and hats (from public domain clipart). I laid them out in my word processor to make sure the proportions were right before printing. I then ‘laminated’ the various pieces using clear contact paper (i.e. book covering self-adhesive plastic) and cut them out, because I don’t own a laminator (The Husband got the blank faces laminated for me, though). This was especially fun because I am also exceedingly ham-fisted (thank you, The Husband, for helping). I used self-adhesive hook and loop tape to get the placement right.

→ Download the printable here ←

playing with making faces
Yes, I know my hook and loop tape is black. That’s what I had.

Playing with small pieces on an aeroplane is a very bad idea. I was constantly bending over to pick tiny slivers up. However, she does love playing with it, and will spend A WHOLE TEN MINUTES at a time making a Picasso-style face before moving on to something else. It’s not exactly quiet either, as she likes announcing each feature with gusto (maybe I need to put her in a leotard covered in sequins and feathers).

Trying to update my prescription

Further experimentation required:
This is a game that shouldn’t be brought out every day. I spent ages putting it together, so I don’t want her to get bored by it too quickly. That bloody moustache and Groucho Marx face took far too long to cut out!

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