Jazzing up the arts and crafts

first painting

The Child’s first experience with arts and crafts was at a play group — she went crazy for painting, and nothing’s changed. If there are things to be glued or painted (or rolled), she’s all over it. I had never thought of doing arts and crafts at home prior to seeing her enjoy it so much, mainly because I’m not artsy, and my craftiness involves needles and thread.

We’ve got paint at home now, and The Child uses brushes and her fingers most of the time to decorate an A4 sheet of copier paper — as well as the cheap plastic tablecloth I put down — and I thought I had totally nailed this art thing until I decided to do some cutting of felt pieces for another project while she was painting (the things I will do for this child — I’m working harder than I ever have).

stamping with felt

So she loves painting (it’s the daily wheedling for “Painting? Paintiiiiinnnng????!” that gave me the clue), but she needs a little more to paint with:

  1. We’ve done cardboard tube printing, but the end result was a lot less… usable as-is.
  2. I’ve also taken to collecting bits of bubble wrap to do more printing, which I imagine I’ll introduce to The Child after we’re back from holiday.
  3. I haven’t yet decided if I should just put the plastic tablecloth on the floor to let her roll a couple of peach pits around in paint in a shallow box.
  4. Ditto to the rubber band splatter painting / messy activity. Actually, on brief reflection, this is definitely going outside. She is half The Husband, and I know what he’d do if he got the chance to splat paint.
  5. Another really quick set up for a painting session with a difference would be clothes peg painting, which uses pom poms or cotton balls.
  6. Something that will require more preparation is proper printmaking made suitable for toddlers. Maybe I’m a little nuts and over-ambitious, but at least I know where I can get a brayer locally. That’s what I’m telling myself.
  7. And finally, I’m itching to do some tape-resist art to be a cheapskate with decorating, and wax-resist cards to be a cheapskate at birthdays and christmas.

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