You’re probably doing fine


Let’s cut to the chase. While we were on our holidays, I met parents of one through five children, the children were of varying ages (one even had a child of her own, with the biggest blue eyes you’ll ever see), they are / were privately-educated, go / went to state schools, or are / were home-schooled.

And they are all good kids. Interested in the world around them, pursuing higher education, physically active, musical.

I always worried — and honestly, still do — that I am not doing enough for The Child. But as someone once pointed out, the fact that I worry shows that I care. And if you’re reading this, you care. We’ve all got different ways of parenting, either purely by instinct, by the book, or somewhere in between, and I think as long as we spend as much time with our kids as we can, showing as good an example as we can, they will turn out okay.

(Even if they’re sociopaths.)

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