Monthly Archives: September 2014

On princesses and tiaras

But she’s only seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse twice I feel pretty strongly about letting The Child figure out who she is and what she likes. As a fully-fledged life member of the Tomboy Brigade, I make sure she does have clothes that are feminine (just not overly so) as well as my staples, t-shirts and […]

DIY (very) temporary water wall

We’re currently trying to cut down or eliminate The Child’s afternoon naps, because they translate to an 11pm bedtime. Which is highly uncool. Lots of afternoon activities to keep a tired and cranky toddler occupied are now required, because as tempting as it is to just stick Frozen, Despicable Me, Tangled, or Spider-Man and his […]

Trying to hydrate

Some children refuse to drink plain water. The Child pretty much just hardly drank anything. I tried putting a piece of cut or crushed fruit into her drinking water to give it a little flavour. It helps that she loves fruit so much my teeny weeny white lie — about how she couldn’t reach the […]

Make: a collage (and a pile of paper)

The Child sleeps a grand total of eight or nine hours a night, which translates to a long nap in the middle of the day. Which also means it’s kind of pointless to organise any play dates or activities from lunchtime onwards. Which means she’s been watching a little more television and Youtube (or, “Yo […]

I am a superhero

I managed to babysit an infant under six months old for over an hour while The Child was napping. In fact, I got the baby to nap, too. Pah! Two babies are easy… (I jest. I got lucky.)