Monthly Archives: January 2015

When biscuits and toddlers meet it is never neat

Decorating biscuits (and eating most of said biscuits) just before Christmas was something The Child most enjoyed. The OCD part of me was not very thrilled with the lack of symmetry in her style of decoration. Never mind. I thought I might get her involved in baking biscuits to decorate*. I have baked a few […]

Monoprinting, or messy play with a brayer and cotton buds

There is a brilliant painting idea over at Tinkerlab — cookie sheet monoprints. The Child is generally enthusiastic to try anything paint-related, so on a quiet day at home, I set up our: shower-curtain-slash-tablecloth (a cheapie that I also use as floor mat) shallow baking tray washable poster paint (just generic ones from Sainsbury’s and […]

Hypothesis: you will eat your greens… if they’re liquid

Pre-experiment observations: At first glance, making my own juice doesn’t actually sound like something a lazy parent like myself would do. However. It’s a lot easier to persuade The Child to try some suspiciously-green-but-kind-of-fruity-tasting juice than expecting her to munch on a stick of celery. (At the moment, she will eat broccoli, mushrooms, carrot, cucumber, […]