Monoprinting, or messy play with a brayer and cotton buds


There is a brilliant painting idea over at Tinkerlab — cookie sheet monoprints. The Child is generally enthusiastic to try anything paint-related, so on a quiet day at home, I set up our:

  • shower-curtain-slash-tablecloth (a cheapie that I also use as floor mat)
  • shallow baking tray
  • washable poster paint (just generic ones from Sainsbury’s and The Works)
  • brayer
  • cotton buds

The Child also chose which full bib she was going to wear, then into the high chair she went.

It started out so well…

She chose some colours, including a couple I had to mix, and I showed her how to use the brayer to spread the paint around. I took Tinkerlab’s cue and let her get on with it, only helping her press paper onto the tray to make a print.

And this is how it always ends

And the above picture shows why I didn’t keep nor photograph any of the prints The Child made. She really enjoyed the experience, so we’ll definitely do this again, but with fewer colours on offer this time, so we can get some prints that are a little more colourful — that grey did not look good in real life, and I love the colour grey.

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