Plastic box fun: pom pom motor skills

At 9am I started getting The Child ready to go to a group that was a 15-minute walk away and started at 11am. We were still late. It’s been one of those days.

I needed something to occupy her when we got home in order to not snap and end up crying in the foetal position in the shower.

Plastic box fun: pom pom motor skills

You’ll need:

  • a plastic box;
  • pom poms, assorted shapes and sizes;
  • various containers (mine are all recycled: egg carton, plastic tray, cream pot, single serve plastic pot, juice bottle); and
  • various scooping implements (the pound shop is your friend) and tongs (ours was part of a wok set,and are basically giant bamboo tweezers).

I laid it all out and basically introduced the concept to her by showing her what she could do. She generally enjoys fine motor activities, so it was (thankfully) right up her alley.

pom poms into the measuring cup
Collecting the green pom poms

She ‘made’ ice creams and cakes, as well as a snowman that looked more like a caterpillar.

Using tongs to extract pom poms from a bottle
Extracting pom poms with the tongs

Not pictured is the poor, tragic red pom pom that was systematically torn apart and scattered all over the rug. RIP red pom pom.

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