Plastic box fun: scissor practice

This is the first in a series of what you can do with a kid, a plastic box, and things you can usually find around the home.

Plastic box fun: scissor practice

All you need are:

  • a plastic box, or whatever you tend to use in sensory play;
  • a couple of free magazines / unwanted flyers and junk mail that come through your letterbox;
  • a couple of pairs of scissors (we don’t use safety scissors, but it’s up to you)

If there are any staples in your magazines / junk mail, remove them. Then invite your kid to come play snipping and cutting paper. The Child loves doing this, so we can spend ages counting to five and shouting ‘snip!’. I can also leave her for short periods of time — by that I mean put the scissors down and do something else while still next to her.

She’s at the age now where I want her to improve her scissor skills, and this is a free (or very cheap) way of doing it. Her hand strength has definitely improved — and she still has all her fingers.

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