Imagine if she was left to her own devices

I’m currently pretty anxious that The Child won’t be offered a place at our local preschool. All her pals are more than likely to be offered a place as they have older siblings already attending the school. With the town currently suffering from an under-supply of preschool places, it means she won’t get to go to preschool, and my great fear is she will feel — and actually get — left behind as her friends get to go on their next adventure together.

(Plus, she loved the school’s open evening so much she asked to go back the next day.)

As any good Southeast Asian from the small country located at the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia would do, I’ve gone into contingency planning overdrive. If she doesn’t get a place at preschool, I will home school her for that year.* Which won’t be challenging at all with a new baby in tow and zero familial support.

I began this morning with doing a worksheet (something we do occasionally), this time printed from the eBook Fizz, Pop, Bang! Playful Science and Math Activities. She asked to watch Bubble Guppies, I countered with doing an activity with me first.

Shape hunting worksheet from Fizz, Pop, Bang!
This is The Child being restrained

Even with me sitting right beside her, providing guidance, she only managed to mark out a few pink rectangles before going mental with the markers. She clearly knows her shapes and colours, because she identified them before we got started, but seems to take after me in lacking that basic ability to pay any regard to instruction. So our shapes morphed into planets and smiley faces.

Showing off her completed worksheet

* And keep everything crossable crossed that she gets a place at the primary school, because there is no way I could cope with homeschooling at that level.

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