“It’s a beautiful day for planting!”

Proud new gardener

So proclaimed The Child, who was enthused about ‘doing some planting’. I’ve got packets of herb seeds of various ages. I don’t like not finishing up the bags of fresh herbs we buy (I’ve just had to throw out coriander and mint), so I suggested we plant some seeds together*.

We live in a flat. No window boxes, no balcony, no space. We have a kitchen window that gets some sunshine in the morning. I couldn’t even get mung beans to sprout during science lessons at school, so I’ve always been a bit wary of this gardening malarkey, but I’ve managed to grow some coriander and basil in this window (they later died when we went on holiday).

I found a pretty ingenious self-watering method of container gardening, and it recycles, too. The Husband happily cut up some used juice bottles, and I stuffed the open mouth with polyfill (from an old pillow, I also use the same material to stuff softies). The Child and I headed down to the garage to get our potting compost.

Scooping compost

She had a whale of a time, scooping compost (with the spade from her miniature sand table), patting it down, sprinkling seeds, and giving the containers a good dousing with her watering can (which she usually plays with in the bath). She asked to plant more, but we’re out of ‘pots’, so we’ll have to get some more. Yay, more juice.

We will check them together every day, to see if they germinate. I hope she can forgive me if my black thumb means nothing appears!

* Also in the vain hope The Child might try them if she’s planted them.

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