‘Block’ dolls busy bag

With the baby coming any day now (I hope), I decided heading out every single day with The Child was likely to kill me. Not just because she knows I can no longer run after her — so she treats me to these evil grins and cackles (“You can’t catch me,” she actually says) — but because I’m so knackered when we get home in the afternoon that standing up and cooking dinner becomes impossible, and the frequent takeaways are simply not good for us, and boring as hell.

So today is a stay-at-home day. I’m glad I’ve made some busy bags that The Child actually likes, one of them is a set of ‘dressing up’ block dolls, but I’ve tweaked it to my own cheapskate frugal ways.

DIY block dolls from CherylStyle

First, I downloaded the images from CherylStyle (now Everyday Dishes and DIY), then sent it to my local photo-processing place to print as two a4 sheets on photo paper.

All that follows is fiddly, and took me a while to complete. I cut all the squares out, then used thinly-spread PVA glue to adhere them to a couple of sheets of corrugated cardboard (i.e. flaps from a box). I then cut them out again, and then stuck book-covering plastic over them for durability.

It would have been quicker if I’d bought some blocks, but a) I didn’t want to spend more money if I didn’t have to; and b) they fit in a clear, flat pencil case. I also expect that if The Child actually went to sleep a little earlier in the evening, I might have had more free time.

The Child played with them for well over an hour the first time she encountered them, and now they hold her attention for a minimum of 20 minutes, which in my world is 20 fewer minutes of, “I NEED to watch grown up Dora, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE”.

(For the kid who prefers robots to dressing up, there is also a free printable set of colour your own robot blocks from Plenty of Paprika. If you don’t mind splashing a bit of cash, Olliblocks are adorable.)

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