The perfect hard-boiled egg for a toddler’s lunch

hard-boiled eggs

I usually share lunch with The Child if we’re eating at home. And egg mayonnaise tends to feature once a week or so. If you’re picky and don’t like the grey bit that surrounds the yolk of an egg that’s been boiled for too long, here’s how to get the perfect hard-boiled egg:

  1. put an egg (or two) in a saucepan;
  2. add cold water;
  3. put on the heat;
  4. when it comes to a boil, turn off the heat;

    Tangent: do not go do something distracting while you’re boiling said egg, you may forget and your eggs will boil dry. Just sayin’.

  5. Leave the eggs for five minutes; then
  6. drain the saucepan and rinse the eggs in cold water until they’re cool enough to peel.

Add mayonnaise (one teaspoon per egg), plus whatever flavours / seasoning you like to make a yummy egg mayonnaise. I add dried onion and garlic, paprika, and a bit of shredded ham if I have it in the fridge. Other possible additions are: sun-dried tomatoes, cornichons, capers, pesto… look in your fridge, really, see what’s there.

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