Quick monster craft for Halloween

It’s Child 1’s first Halloween being invited to any parties, and she’s now watched many programmes with the theme. So we made a quick craft that we will be repeating at baby and toddler group this week — monsters (or aliens, apparently).

Quick monster craft for Halloween

You’ll need:

  • Paper or card
  • Collage materials (more paper or card, stickers, googly eyes, and so on — use what you have)
  • Glue stick

I let Child 1 draw a large shape on some paper and use her scissors to cut it out. Sort of. She drew one shape and cut out another. Then I let her go to town sticking random shapes that I was cutting out, although she did ask for teeth, smiles, ears, hair, arms, and legs.

I then asked her to stick it another piece of paper to function as background, which she cut up, too.

This was quick, practically no-prep, and she really enjoyed the process. Win!

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