The children aren’t interested in Bah Humbug

So now Child 1 is very interested in the concept of Christmas. Last year we got away with no tree (our tree is a tabletop plastic number). This year she’s been excited about it way too early. These are a few of the things I’ve done to entertain her thus far.

Colouring reindeer cards

Child 1 adores colouring, so I asked her to colour in our Christmas cards for this year (image from Made by Joel). But as I predicted, she didn’t do them all in one go, but over the last fortnight or so, she’s coloured 26 of them. That’s pretty good going!

Cutting strips of paper

I also got her practising her scissor skills cutting strips of paper out, so that we could make…

A paper chain Christmas tree!

Our tree coming together
Our paper chain Christmas tree

Our ‘tree’ is made of plain coloured paper that we already have, and from Christmas-sy flyers that ended up in our mailbox. It’s adhered to the wall with masking tape. Cost of Christmas decorations so far: £0.00.

Trimming the tree

I knew Child 1 would need to do more to take more pride in the tree, as I was the one to really make the paper chains and ‘construct’ the tree, so I bought her some ribbon and bows (£0.89), and asked her to stick them on the paper chains to trim the tree.

Add a cheap string of lights (£5.99), and our Christmas tree is complete!

Tree with the lights on

We have also coloured in Hattifant’s Christmas cones (Child 1 says she wants to bring the large one to preschool).

(We’re not total Grinches. We do have a turkey breast thing ordered for Christmas day, and the kids do get presents.)

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