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The art of rubbing with no setup

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica: Rubbings are made by carefully pressing paper onto a carved or incised surface so that the paper conforms to the features to be copied. The paper is then blacked and the projecting areas of the surface become dark, while indented areas remain white. In our case, it’s crayons on copier […]

Cook: pasta puttanesca

My recipe for pasta puttanesca started with this one from Nigel Slater. Then I got too lazy to look it up and just winged it. Still tasted good. Clearly, as long as you have the correct ingredients, you can kind of wing it with the quantities — to taste — and it’ll be fine. You’ll […]

Chancing her hand

The Child picks up my tablet, comes to me and says in the cutest voice she can muster, “Ask Mummy superhero?” (Super Mr. Superhero from Yo Gabba Gabba is a recent obsession.) I answer, “I think you’ve watched enough TV for now, sweetheart.” So she walks two steps over to her father, ramps up the […]

You’re probably doing fine

Let’s cut to the chase. While we were on our holidays, I met parents of one through five children, the children were of varying ages (one even had a child of her own, with the biggest blue eyes you’ll ever see), they are / were privately-educated, go / went to state schools, or are / […]

Hypothesis: The Child is a budding plastic surgeon

I may have gone a bit overboard in providing choices for facial reconstruction Pre-experiment observations: None. I was tempted to buy The Child a Mr. Potato Head from our local charity shop but never got round to it (I was told later it was incomplete by someone in the know). But she does like poking […]