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Find the dinosaurs, look at the sparkles

In The Child’s first year of life, I part-filled a few empty plastic drink bottles with rice, pasta, dried beans, and beads so she could shake them around and be delighted by them. Now she’s older they’ve been neglected a bit, so I thought I might try something else, as per this family’s much more […]

‘Real nappies’, or how a new shopping addiction begins

Until I looked into buying cloth nappies for The Child (while she was still The Foetus), I had no idea so many types existed. The wonders of modern materials and manufacturing, I suppose. And sewing machines. Wow, the number of work at home mum nappy brands is quite mind-boggling. In the end I chose a […]

Weighing in on the post-baby body

Some people lose weight easily and find it a struggle to gain. I am one of those people. Some may consider this very lucky, but after I had three emergency surgeries for an undetected ovarian ectopic pregnancy, I found it really difficult to regain the weight I’d lost while being unable / unwilling to eat […]

Cook: ‘fried’ rice

This iteration includes chicken, carrots, onion, and courgette This is a doddle. And a major cheat, which makes it ‘inauthentic’. I’d say pretty much all fried rice recipes call for leftover or precooked and chilled rice as it keeps the rice grains nice and dry, but I don’t like to take too many risks too […]