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Quick monster craft for Halloween

It’s Child 1’s first Halloween being invited to any parties, and she’s now watched many programmes with the theme. So we made a quick craft that we will be repeating at baby and toddler group this week — monsters (or aliens, apparently). You’ll need: Paper or card Collage materials (more paper or card, stickers, googly […]

Winged insects craft and learning about static electricity

I have — unsuccessfully — been trying to wean Child 1 off being addicted to television. All I’ve managed is to delay the pleas for this week’s favourite, Team Umizoomi. Today’s delaying tactic, though, worked quite well — a static electricity butterfly. Our first attempt wasn’t so amazing, but according to Child 1, it’s a […]

Pollock-style watercolour splatter paintings

A quick-to-set-up-with-great-results, guaranteed messy fun — do it outside if you have no way of protecting your surfaces. You’ll need: Paper or card stock Watercolours (we have the standard tablets of dried watercolours) Water Plastic plates, one or more Paintbrushes Mat (we use a shower curtain) Lay your mat out if you have one and […]

The intention was to make prints of autumn leaves

Pinterest says if you do leaf prints, they’ll look glorious, bright, and colourful. The reality? Mine, done to encourage Child 1 to do her own, look a bit… vague. To be fair, I was also nursing child 2, so I was multi-tasking. And Child 1’s effort was, shall we say, not Pinterest-quality. And her colour […]