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“It’s a beautiful day for planting!”

So proclaimed The Child, who was enthused about ‘doing some planting’. I’ve got packets of herb seeds of various ages. I don’t like not finishing up the bags of fresh herbs we buy (I’ve just had to throw out coriander and mint), so I suggested we plant some seeds together*. We live in a flat. […]

Imagine if she was left to her own devices

I’m currently pretty anxious that The Child won’t be offered a place at our local preschool. All her pals are more than likely to be offered a place as they have older siblings already attending the school. With the town currently suffering from an under-supply of preschool places, it means she won’t get to go […]

Warning: over-sharing about breastfeeding imminent

The other night, The Child said breastfeeding was for babies. No one has told her this — the closest thing I’ve ever said was when babies are first born all they can have is milk. The last time she tried to nurse, she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, latch on properly. Then, when we had a bath […]