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Quick monster craft for Halloween

It’s Child 1’s first Halloween being invited to any parties, and she’s now watched many programmes with the theme. So we made a quick craft that we will be repeating at baby and toddler group this week — monsters (or aliens, apparently). You’ll need: Paper or card Collage materials (more paper or card, stickers, googly […]

Winged insects craft and learning about static electricity

I have — unsuccessfully — been trying to wean Child 1 off being addicted to television. All I’ve managed is to delay the pleas for this week’s favourite, Team Umizoomi. Today’s delaying tactic, though, worked quite well — a static electricity butterfly. Our first attempt wasn’t so amazing, but according to Child 1, it’s a […]

Pollock-style watercolour splatter paintings

A quick-to-set-up-with-great-results, guaranteed messy fun — do it outside if you have no way of protecting your surfaces. You’ll need: Paper or card stock Watercolours (we have the standard tablets of dried watercolours) Water Plastic plates, one or more Paintbrushes Mat (we use a shower curtain) Lay your mat out if you have one and […]

Cardboard roll cuffs toddler craft

I volunteer with a local baby and toddler group, and my main job is to help organise the arts and crafts table. This week we’re doing decorated cardboard roll cuffs (inspired by Kids Activities Blog), and the mums tend to prefer a sample of ‘finished product’ so they know what they’re aiming for. So Child […]