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Bathtime for toys

Suggest that some of your child’s favourite plastic toys could do with a bath. (This also works as an inducement to head home when you want to but your toddler doesn’t.) Use a sink, bowl, whatever works for your domestic setup. The Child stood on a stool in our ensuite. She also had a plastic […]

Monoprinting, or messy play with a brayer and cotton buds

There is a brilliant painting idea over at Tinkerlab — cookie sheet monoprints. The Child is generally enthusiastic to try anything paint-related, so on a quiet day at home, I set up our: shower-curtain-slash-tablecloth (a cheapie that I also use as floor mat) shallow baking tray washable poster paint (just generic ones from Sainsbury’s and […]

Low- to no-prep ‘keep your toddler busy’ activities

We were waiting on The Husband to finish having his hair cut, and The Child wanted a babyccino. Unfortunately, this steamed dairy product only lasts a couple of minutes as she uses a straw and inhales it like it’s the last cup of milk she’s ever going to drink. I’ve long since learned to take […]

Painting with blocks

This takes no preparation at all, assuming you’ve already got: Blocks Paint Paper plate Paper Plastic tablecloth (optional, depends on how comfortable you are with mess) I showed The Child quickly how to make prints with her blocks, then let her do whatever she wanted. As you can see, it quickly degenerated into hand-painting — […]