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The intention was to make prints of autumn leaves

Pinterest says if you do leaf prints, they’ll look glorious, bright, and colourful. The reality? Mine, done to encourage Child 1 to do her own, look a bit… vague. To be fair, I was also nursing child 2, so I was multi-tasking. And Child 1’s effort was, shall we say, not Pinterest-quality. And her colour […]

When biscuits and toddlers meet it is never neat

Decorating biscuits (and eating most of said biscuits) just before Christmas was something The Child most enjoyed. The OCD part of me was not very thrilled with the lack of symmetry in her style of decoration. Never mind. I thought I might get her involved in baking biscuits to decorate*. I have baked a few […]

Tips for flying long-haul #2

We’re getting ready to take The Child on yet another long-haul flight, so it’s a brand new mission to get activities together to keep her from being too frustrated at being strapped into a long metal tube with no way out. We’re going to hit the inflight entertainment system hard, and also hopefully cycle through […]

Tips for flying long-haul

Her first long trip was a road trip to Scotland at six months old. Since then, she’s gone on another Scottish visit (one year old) and flown two long haul flights (eight months and 17 months old). She’s only two, but The Child is a pretty seasoned traveller. We’re going on another trip, to Canada […]