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Dens, fruit trees, buried boats, cheap and tasty cakes!

Both Monkey and Mungbean come away from the delight that is the Richard Jefferies Museum‘s Magic Mondays sessions absolutely filthy — the sign of a great day out. Painting butterflies at the Richard Jefferies Museum. #summer #holidays #hiddengem A photo posted by Andrea See (@serialdeviant) on Aug 22, 2016 at 9:05am PDT

I don’t subscribe to any particular ‘style’ of parenting

I straddle two cultures while raising my children — the culture of the country of my birth, and the culture of the country where we live. Hence, these two articles about milestones and household chores as bonding are interesting to me. I’ve also recently met a mother who is ‘unschooling’ her two children. I totally […]

Warning: over-sharing about breastfeeding imminent

The other night, The Child said breastfeeding was for babies. No one has told her this — the closest thing I’ve ever said was when babies are first born all they can have is milk. The last time she tried to nurse, she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, latch on properly. Then, when we had a bath […]

Why I let The Child play with her food

Spooning rice porridge from one bowl to another (Within reason, mind. She’s been told this can only happen at home.) I don’t want to stifle The Child’s capacity for asking herself questions (eg. What happens if I do this?) and actually trying to answer those questions with ‘experiments’. Having had a fussy eating childhood myself, […]

Playing independently… will it ever happen?

As a pregnant mother of a toddler, it would help me so much if The Child would play independently. We rush around enough as it is, her social calendar is pretty full. I’ve taken her lead when watching her play at friends’ homes, and have bought toys she seems to enjoy (mostly second hand, I’m […]