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Stop labelling how you parent

There’s this whole attachment parenting thing, then there’s the Ferber / cry it out / mainstream parenting thing — and it appears, from what I’ve read, that most of it centres around sleep. Or the lack of it. This was when The Child was going through the You can’t put me down and I must […]

Neither here nor there on the sleep thing, and progress!

There are two articles here that oppose each other with regard to sleep-training: Dangers of “Crying It Out”: Damaging children and their relationships for the longterm. Cry, Baby, Cry: A journal jumps on the Dr. Sears bandwagon to say sleep training is dangerous. Science says otherwise. Lots of things I’ve read say once a toddler […]

Breastfeeding from newborn to toddler

Given that I had no ‘breastfeeding goal’ other than just to try to get my newborn to latch on, I’m quite surprised that I’ve managed to last this long — The Child will be two years old soon, and shows no sign of giving up the boob. If you’re thinking of breastfeeding but am feeling […]

“So, is The Child sleeping through the night yet?”

She naps like a champ We get asked that every time we hear from The Mother-In-Law. The best The Child has ever managed is six hours, and that was only last week. Then she woke me up at 3am and nursed like a fiend till 7. I am a firm believer that all babies are […]

‘Real nappies’, or how a new shopping addiction begins

Until I looked into buying cloth nappies for The Child (while she was still The Foetus), I had no idea so many types existed. The wonders of modern materials and manufacturing, I suppose. And sewing machines. Wow, the number of work at home mum nappy brands is quite mind-boggling. In the end I chose a […]