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Weighing in on the post-baby body

Some people lose weight easily and find it a struggle to gain. I am one of those people. Some may consider this very lucky, but after I had three emergency surgeries for an undetected ovarian ectopic pregnancy, I found it really difficult to regain the weight I’d lost while being unable / unwilling to eat […]

A note on baby-led weaning

The Child at just under six months, trying a slice of cucumber Baby-led weaning should just be called “I can’t be arsed to cook and purée extra food”. Sure, I bought an ice cube tray and tried putting pre-cooked vegetables in it for exactly one day. Those vegetables sat there in the freezer, undefrosted and […]

How to feel completely helpless as a parent

In the scheme of not-really-scary things happening to your child that look really bloody scary, fits / convulsions rank right up there. You are helpless and totally freaking out the first time your child’s eyes glaze over before they fall over and start shaking. The Child had her first fit post-norovirus, and we spent an […]

What does googoo gaagaa mean anyway?

Maybe it’s just the friends I have on Facebook, but I’ve been seeing a lot of links to text and images that purport to help you raise a happy kid by changing the way you communicate with them. For example, instead of berating them when they spill food, you stay calm and say it needs […]