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Hypothesis: you will eat your greens… if they’re liquid

Pre-experiment observations: At first glance, making my own juice doesn’t actually sound like something a lazy parent like myself would do. However. It’s a lot easier to persuade The Child to try some suspiciously-green-but-kind-of-fruity-tasting juice than expecting her to munch on a stick of celery. (At the moment, she will eat broccoli, mushrooms, carrot, cucumber, […]

Hypothesis: The Child is a budding plastic surgeon

I may have gone a bit overboard in providing choices for facial reconstruction Pre-experiment observations: None. I was tempted to buy The Child a Mr. Potato Head from our local charity shop but never got round to it (I was told later it was incomplete by someone in the know). But she does like poking […]

Hypothesis: I don’t need to buy The Child expensive toys

Pre-experiment observations: The Child is as happy playing with dead leaves as she is expensive toys and games. I make regular pilgrimages to a local charity shop branch specialising in kids’ toys to try and keep her entertained. I’ve also observed her taking time to re-arrange furniture in doll’s houses when we’ve been to groups […]