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Hide and seek

“Let’s play hide and seek! You cover your eyes and count to ten, I’m going to hide under the chair.” I don’t think The Child’s quite got the principles of hide and seek.

Chancing her hand

The Child picks up my tablet, comes to me and says in the cutest voice she can muster, “Ask Mummy superhero?” (Super Mr. Superhero from Yo Gabba Gabba is a recent obsession.) I answer, “I think you’ve watched enough TV for now, sweetheart.” So she walks two steps over to her father, ramps up the […]

Politeness, or precursor to a huge request

I gave The Child some chocolate cake. The Child: Thank you Mummy. (This was enunciated very clearly.) Me: *melt* I handed The Child a crayon she’d dropped. The Child: Thank you Mummy. After which, I heard her murmuring ‘Thank you, thank you’ for ages. She’s clearly up to something.

You’re too young for that

I am celebrating babbling that sounds like actual words in context and also seems wholly inappropriate. Me: Why are you unbuttoning your sleep suit? The Child: I like to party. As I write this, she’s actually got fully undressed. No parties anytime soon, young miss!