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The children aren’t interested in Bah Humbug

So now Child 1 is very interested in the concept of Christmas. Last year we got away with no tree (our tree is a tabletop plastic number). This year she’s been excited about it way too early. These are a few of the things I’ve done to entertain her thus far. Child 1 adores colouring, […]

Imagine if she was left to her own devices

I’m currently pretty anxious that The Child won’t be offered a place at our local preschool. All her pals are more than likely to be offered a place as they have older siblings already attending the school. With the town currently suffering from an under-supply of preschool places, it means she won’t get to go […]

Real help with the laundry

I used to wait till The Child was napping before sneaking downstairs to hang laundry (we live in a first-floor flat). However. She has decided to really annoy me by semi-regularly skipping her afternoon nap (oh, the joy of two-year olds), so this can no longer be a dependable strategy. So I invented a ‘game’. […]

Super-lazy parenting tip #1

You know what’s a great fine motor activity? Clip your child’s nails while they are sitting and watching way too many Yo Gabba Gabba clips on YouTube. Leave the clippings on the floor overnight because you forgot to clean them up. The next morning, your child will sit back down on the floor, notice the […]